They are excited to bring home the things they have made and explaining the things they learned during each day. Child Care Network, Inc. (CCN) is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit corporation, located in Seymour, IN. Child Care Network is not a state or national affiliate; the agency was created by a dedicated group of Jackson County residents focused on improving the lives of children. Thus, Child Care Network has the unique advantage of addressing identified needs in Jackson County that align with its mission.

CCN Preschool is located at Brown, Brownstown, Cortland, Emerson, and Redding Elementary schools. DHHS may also support you financially if you choose to use a family member or friend as a License Exempt caregiver. The Florida Voluntary Pre-K Program is a free, state-funded educational initiative that lays a strong foundation for Kindergarten. The Georgia Free Pre-K Program is a state-lottery-funded educational initiative aimed at fostering essential skills and kindergarten readiness in four-year-olds. Promoting local, state, and national efforts to make affordable, high quality early education available to every family. Supplying information, coaching, and other support for current early education professionals and people interested in entering the field.

  1. Childcare Network is proud to be able to offer these programs to our parents in some of our schools.
  2. Children learn through active play, so we create fun learning experiences in the classroom.
  3. We provide a caring space where infants can learn and grow through exploration and experience.
  4. For the safety of all our children, we do not allow parents to provide their own food.
  5. Once your baby joins our loving community, we’re here to support you every step of the way as you prepare for their exciting first day.

Selecting child care is one of the most important decisions your family will make for your young child. Because your child’s first five years last forever, take the time to make the best choice. Most Childcare Network schools are equipped with cameras.

To learn more about the program in your state, choose an option below or search for a school near you here. Delivering free referral service that connects families to early education programs and community resources. I have been nothing but impressed with the care and services provided to my children at this center. A safe and caring environment where your child can learn, grow, & explore the wonders of learning. The system aims to alleviate financial concerns and encourage male employees to take child care leave.

Free Pre-K Programs at Childcare Network

When you get a glimpse of the warm and wonderful world we provide for every child, we know you’ll feel confident in letting yours become a part of it. The staff at Childcare Network consists of teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and cooks that are passionate about early childhood education. Our employees receive background checks before starting employment and most teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified. Many of our teachers have their college degrees and we support their continued learning with our Tuition Assistance Program.

Child Care Network

Our youngest is constantly progressing and learning new things thru their curriculum. We are thankful for the support and attention they provide. We offer a safe, nurturing environment where your child will be encouraged and guided, so they can feel secure, happy and loved while they learn. The program, which has no age limit, will be gradually rolled out from March to some 150 companies in the group, although the starting time and the period of compensation may vary. In the first year, the firm expects about 2,000 men and women to take child care leave. For the safety of all our children, we do not allow parents to provide their own food.

This allows them to continue to provide your child with the best education possible. We also provide online training courses year-round through Child Care Education Institute (CCEI). As a company, our educators participate in over 1500 courses each month. Infancy is a tender, remarkable time of growth and development in your child’s life, and we’re so honored to be there with you and your infant from the beginning. We know that being apart from your infant and trusting others to care for them can be difficult, but we’re here to support the transition and make it as smooth as possible.

How we help our parents.

That’s why we provide competitive tuition pricing that balances access and quality for as many children as possible. As a parent, if you feel that you are unable to meet the cost of our weekly tuition, our Enrollment Services team or your school Director will provide assistance with subsidized child care options. Some of our schools in Georgia, child care network Florida, and North Carolina offer state-sponsored prekindergarten programs for children that are four years of age by the required deadline, as determined by each state. To participate in these programs, providers must meet rigorous standards that include teacher credentials, classroom standards, curriculum requirements, and much more.

Curriculum designed for big development in little learners.

We stand boldly for every child by prioritizing their emotional and physical well-being, fostering an environment of inclusivity and creating a community where every child is valued and supported. Our teachers go above and beyond to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met and they feel safe and cared for. We understand how important affordable, developmentally focused child care is to the families we serve. Our priority is to provide high quality care so we can watch your child grow together. The subsidized child care program helps low-income families pay their child care fees. The state and federal governments fund this program, which is managed by the Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) office located in your county.

You can trust that we will nurture your child’s individual journey, providing a supportive environment where they can flourish, creating countless cherished moments that fill your heart with joy. You can trust that we will nurture your child’s individual journey, providing a supportive environment where they can flourish, creating countless cherished moments. And at Childcare Network, they’ll have fun doing it throughout the day. We provide your child the space to explore and continue their individual development, the structure to guide them through the day, and a strong educational foundation to build upon. Our joyful and engaging pre-K experience sparks a love for learning and sets the stage for future academic success. At Child Care Network, we take pride in our strong partnerships with other agencies to bring awareness, training, development, and support to child care programs, families, and stakeholders.

We look forward to connecting with you and encourage you to reach out anytime. Once we reach your name on our waitlist, we will reach out to you directly.Wait time depends on the status of our funding, our current caseload, and how many families are ahead of you on our waitlist. The average wait time to hear back from us is 10 business days. They are ALWAYS doing art, learning abc’s and animal noises. I am very impressed with the advancement they both have made. The teachers in each of the their classes have been exceptional with the learning techniques, their patience and time they have spent with each one of them.

Our Enrollment Services Team and school Director are happy to assist you and answer any tuition questions you may have. Facilitating the state’s child care voucher process from helping families with questions about the state waitlist through reimbursing providers for children in their care. Contact the appropriate Department of Human Services’ Regional Child Development Office. Each regional child day care office is assigned responsibility for certain counties in Pennsylvania.

CCN has served the Michigan community by helping families find care, helping families pay for care, and helping early learning professionals provide quality child care. We serve children, families, and child care providers in the Southeastern Michigan counties of Branch, Genesee, Hillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee, Livingston, Monroe and Washtenaw. We’re passionate about nurturing and educating your child.

Menu exceptions are allowed for children with documented religious or medical reasons. If a special diet is required, you may speak to the Director about supplying the necessary food. The Child Care Network Family Support Program (FSP) provides scholarships to help families pay for child care. While your child is with us, you can be sure that they’re being looked after and cared for by the kindest and most loving educators a parent could hope for. We feel so honored when parents trust us with their infants, and we show what that trust means to us by keeping you as involved as you want to be in your infant’s day. Our convenient mobile app invites you to check-in on your child’s day by providing updates directly to your device.

Our dedicated teachers are passionate about providing the highest quality of education and care, and we are proud to be a place where children can learn and grow. As curiosity-coaches and wonder-weavers, our educators guide children to be their best little selves. We believe that by nurturing a love of learning from an early age, we are setting the foundation for lifelong learning and development. We are committed to helping your child thrive at Childcare Network. Children learn through active play, so we create fun learning experiences in the classroom.

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